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We would greatly appreciate any help you can provide big or small

A ChildS Dream

We are extremely excited to pursue buying our first home, and we invite you to be a part of this special milestone for us. If we raise this money for our down payment, we can buy this home and have a significantly reduced monthly mortgage cost!

Hero Gifts

Gift to education and love.
The house is within the zone for the best schools in our state. (Alabama)


Our family is looking forward to a place where we can call home. We would really appreciate your support and that is why we are writing to you today.


Meet Alyla And Greg

Greg is a single father and is in need of help to raise money to buy a dream home to start a life with his daughter Alyla.

Alyla just turned 2 years old and is the greatest. We currently live in a box (we really don’t but we rent a place and the cost is higher then if we bought a house) and need a place to call home.

We found our dream house it is next to one of the best schools walking distance.
There is a fire station right down the road to help keep us safe incase of any emergency.
The house has a big fenced in yard where we can play and be safe from the dangerous road.
Help us make this possible and donate. Every bit helps us to our goal.

Our Needs

We found a home, however we just spent our savings because we had to find a new home and go through a costly custody battle.
First last and deposit, Care repairs, and Lawyer fees left us shallow in our savings.
However We found a home and don’t want to miss out on it since it is so close to the best schools in town!
We got to come up with $12,000 to get approved for the loan.
The house is $180,000 roughly and is on an acre of property. We posted some photos of the house below be sure to check them out.